Stefan Cools - Liquidarium Meconii - II

Tue 30 May - Sun 18 Jun

Hailing from The Netherlands, Stefan Cools, focuses his practice entirely on the examination of butterflies, specifically meconium, the substance left after a butterfly leaves the chrysalis.

Cools projects can be described as a unique combination of art, science and public presentation. Not much is known about meconium, except that it contains a lot of hormones, colour pigments and faeces.

His research aims to distinguish different meconium colours of various butterfly species, resulting in a palette of colours for use as pigment. The residency offers an opportunity for the public to meet Stefan in his laboratory at the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre and join him in a butterfly tour of the Gardens. See Around The Tanks section of this program for details.


TIME: 8.30am – 4.00pm weekdays; 8.30am – 1.00pm weekends

VENUE: Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

INFO: Email to find out when he will be in his lab. Or call the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre (07) 4032 6650

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