Strassman’s “iTedE”

Fri 26 May - Sat 27 May

Please note: customers seated in the front two rows must be 18+.  If you book tickets in the front two rows and are under 18 years, you will be relocated to seating further back on the night of the performance.

It’s about Chucking time…

Side-splitting comedy! An hilarious all-new show! 

Strasso’s screwed. He can’t get Chuck and Ted E. off their iPhones. They’re lost to Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook.

The battle is on! And in an amazing live-show breakthrough, Strasso throws his voice to 5 puppets at once. It’s a riotously unbelievable, 6-way comedy routine. You seriously won’t believe it!!

Ted is cuter than ever and Chuck just as evil. Sid the Beaver cracks a heap of depraved jokes. And you won’t believe surprise guest, Buttons, the clown. You'll cack yourself!

The best night out you’ll have in long time!

  • Cost: Premium $84.90 + $2 B/Fee A Reserve $64.90 + $2 B/Fee
  • Doors: 6:30pm
  • Show starts: 7:00pm
  • Venue: Tank 5 - Fully seated
  • Food: Providore Amore
  • Rating: 15+
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